Ingrid Roberts with Prue Leith, OBE & International Chef Extraordinaire ; Ipeleng Mkhari - Top SA Business Woman; Actress Lisa Bobbert and Comedian Aaron Mcllroy

About Ingrid : Motivational Speaker

Ingrid has identified a unique need: that of a motivational speaker targeted specifically at women. So, whatever the occasion, if it is women you are wanting to connect with, she is a great choice.

Over the last 20 years, Ingrid has tailored a number of talks that appeal to her chosen audience.

Ingrid has the remarkable ability to motivate and inspire. As a career-woman, wife and mother, she is able to connect effectively with any female audience.

Her unique style is more than motivational – it is rare & lasting & often referred to as  “inspirational” or “life-changing”.

Her 20 yr long career as a business woman in SA and abroad, has afforded her valuable insights into the common struggles and stresses experienced by women globally.

Today she is recognized as one of the province’s most respected “Women Mentors”; a trusted “guide alongside” from the top  echelons of local Government and Business to the leadership of charities and women’s groups in the various communities.

Ingrid’s “Top 5 Talks” for Women

These talks are usually 20-25 mins in length & can be longer on request.

  1. Words of Wit and Wisdom from Wonderful Women

    In this talk, Ingrid shares inspirational life lessons from women she has known directly and indirectly;  some profoundly influential, some light hearted –  these lessons are all flavoursome additions to a woman’s life.
  2. What every Woman needs to know….

    Delightful tips on how to handle life’s real challenges such as time; health; stress and MEN! A refreshing take on the age-old wisdoms our mothers and grandmothers did and didn’t teach us…
  3. Simplicity Regained

    Noise and haste are the great modern day pariahs. Here Ingrid brings women back to a much needed place of contemplation  and a renewed passion for the simple pleasures of life.
  4. 5 Great Truths

    Have you ever really taken the time to work out what makes a great life in YOUR opinion? Women, so good at sharing and caring, nonetheless too often look right past the pillars of great living by failing to define these for themselves. This talk is a wonderful lesson in the fundamentals of creating our own personal success formula.
  5. Womens Lives; Womens Journeys

    Lives that have inspired so many are shared here by Ingrid: from those well known such as Helen Keller; Anne Frank; JK Rowling and Oprah Winfrey to the unsung “sheroes” who’s tales are equally fascinating – prepare to be enthralled by the best half hr history lesson you’ve ever had!
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