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Bronwyn Tanner - Fitness Instructor, part-time journalist and voluntary Hospice Caregiver

“When Ingrid Roberts speaks – she  radiates sunshine,   love, kindness, caring, compassion and total understanding for fellow human beings and  her attitude is completely contagious!  As women - we are all searching desperately for balance – however, I do believe that we search in the wrong places..... and the 11th commandment that she shared - “Thou Shalt not kid thyself” should be put into action on a daily basis. We can only do so much – but we try to do SO much! Which leaves us frazzled, scattered and inadequate. Ingrid’s emphasis on failure being a feedback, was for me, such an absolute eye opener! Thank you for a most wonderful talk! “
- Bronwyn Tanner: Fitness Instructor, part-time journalist  and voluntary Hospice Caregiver
KZN South Coast

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